Lawson Racing is getting set kick off their 2015 season

The snow has finally melted and spring is in the air and that means that race season is quickly approaching.  Lawson Racing is excited to kick off their 2015 season on May 8th in Grand Forks.  This season will see Lawson Racing compete at tracks across North Dakota, including Nodak Speedway in Minot, Devils Lake Speedway in Devils Lake and River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks.  The race in Minot on June 21st is the inaugural race for the Western North Dakota Sprint Car group that we are a part of.  We will also be racing with the World of Outlaws when they race in Minot on August 23rd.  You can keep up with Lawson Racing by visiting our website, liking our page on Facebook, or following us on Twitter at @LawsonRacing20L.  Lawson Racing would like to thank our sponsors: Prairie Ford in Stanley, Finish First Coatings Inc., and  Lawson Racing still has 2015 Marketing/Sponsorships opportunities available.  If you or your company would like more information on becoming a partner with Lawson Racing for the 2015 season, feel free to send us a message.

Finish First Coatings partners with Lawson Racing for the 2015 season

Lawson Racing would like to welcome Finish First Coatings in Minot, North Dakota as a new sponsor for the 2015 season.  Nolan Stromberg at Finish First Coatings offers a wide variety of services at his shop including: wheel repair, color matching services, polishing, chemical stripping, sandblasting, multiple coats of powder coat, high temp powder coat, firearm coatings, and high temp ceramic coatings for exhaust and engine parts.  You will be able to see his workmanship this season on display on the 20L sprint car as he will be powder coating the frame.  He is currently working on installing a larger oven that will allow him to do larger and more diverse powder coating projects.  If you are interested in any of the services offered by Nolan at Finish First Coatings, you can give him a call at 701-240-1752.  Tell him thanks for being a sponsor of Lawson Racing.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lawson Racing!!

Lawson Racing wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!  2015 soon will be here and with that, a new race season will be upon us!!


2015 Marketing/Sponsorship Opportunity with Lawson Racing

Lawson Racing is in the offseason mode, but busy getting ready for the 2015 season.  We have Marketing/Sponsorship Opportunities available for the 2015 season.   If you and your company are looking for a new way to advertise and attract new business and employees, contact Lawson Racing and learn about how we can help you reach your goals.  We are a 2 car sprint car team based in Minot, North Dakota, in the heart of the Bakken oil activity.  We race in front of 1000+ spectators during each race night and can help attract many new customers and also bring in potential employees.  Besides the races, we also are involved in off the track activities as well, such as parades, car shows, and other appearances.  All of these are more opportunities to get your company name out in the public eye and drive business.  I also work in the Bakken region and know how competitive the business environment is and how a new way to market your company can be the edge you need over your competitors to bring in new business and employees.  If this is something you would like some more information on or if you would like a formal proposal, you can certainly contact me.  I look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you.  Thank you.

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Lawson Racing
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Lawson Racing finishes up the season with 2 nights at River Cities Speedway

The 2014 race season for Lawson Racing came to close after a couple of nights at River Cities Speedway.  We raced out in GF on August 16th, a rare Saturday night show in Grand Forks.  With 29 cars on hand, it was going to a very competitive night of racing.  Kevin and I both drew in the back of our heats.  The track was very dry slick, so it would a tough track to get a hold of.  Kevin would go on to finish 8th in the 1st heat and I would finish 6th in heat 4.  That put us both in the B main.  I would start 2nd and Kevin 5th.  On the start, I dropped into 2nd, but the car very loose.  With 3 laps to go, I was passed for 2nd and soon Kevin passed me for 4th.  I would end up finishing 5th and missing the A main.  Kevin made the A and would start 24th.  After a few quick yellows and a red flag, the feature ran a majority of the remaining laps under green and it was very busy, with cars circling the entire track.  Kevin would come home 19th.  We again headed to River Cities on Friday, August 22nd.  The weather in Minot was overcast and misting, but Grand Forks was overcast and dry.  It was Championship night and that would start Kevin and I in the back of our heat races.  I was in the 1st heat and would come home 8th.  Kevin was in the 3rd heat and would also come home 8th.  In the feature, I started 20th and Kevin 22nd.  Mist had started falling during the previous features, but the track wasn’t badly affected.  We mad changes to both cars prior to the feature and both felt a lot better in the feature.  On lap 4, we had to miss the flipping car of Amber Balcan.  Then there was a couple cautions for spins toward the end of the feature.  With 4 laps to go and prior to a restart, the mist got a little heavier.  The track seemed fine until the race was restarted.  The track had become slick and cars went everywhere.  Luckily everyone avoided contact and Kevin and I finished the feature.  I got 21st and Kevin 22nd.  That would mark the last race of our season.  Lawson Racing would like to thank our great sponsors for their support during the 2014 season: Prairie Ford-Stanley, ND, Royal Service and Rentals,, and Tires Plus.  We also want to thank our family and friends for their continuing support of Lawson Racing.  Preparations are already underway for the 2015 season.  There are sponsorship opportunities available for the 2015 season.  If you or our company would like to be a part of Lawson Racing, contact us and we can send a proposal to you.  Keep updated with our off season news on here or on Facebook and Twitter.

Lawson Racing has eventful night at River Cities Speedway on Aug. 1st

The race night got off to a very unlucky, but lucky start.  The hitch on the trailer broke about 1 mile from the track. We were very lucky that this didn’t break of on the highway at highway speeds and could have caused a serious accident. We heard a bang over some railroad tracks, but thought maybe a equalizer bar on the hitch hit the road. Well we turned into the track and something was dragging. I hopped out to take a look. Well I found the hitch broke and at a 45 degree angle. Just the top part of the hitch was all that was still holding the trailer to the truck. We managed to limp it into the pits and stabilize it. From there we went about our night. I was in the second heat and had to avoid a crash before we even started. While lining up, a car passed me and ran into a car ahead of me. We ran some extra laps while they changed tires. On lap 2 there was red as a car flipped off turn 2. I would finish 7th. Kevin was in the 3rd heat. He was running the cushion, but jumped the cushion in turn 2 and went down the banking and drove back to pits. I started 20th and Kevin started 23rd. The track became rough and it was tough to get a hold of. Most cars were running the bottom. About half way through, I followed a few cars through the middle of 3 and found some grip there, but it was short lived as I ended up spinning out right in front of Kevin. He missed me and I did a 360 and kept going, no yellow. Kevin finished 20th and I finished 21st. Big thanks to Tom Corcoran and Bruce Hart at Hart Attack Chassis for getting our trailer fixed and back on the road. We are currenly off for a few weeks, with the next racing action slated for August 22nd in Grand Forks and August 23rd in Greenbush, MN.

Solid 2 nights of racing with the All Stars

Lawson Racing completed 2 nights of racing last Wednesday and Thursday out at the Williston Basin Speedway.  The All Star Circuit of Champions was making their first appearance in Williston.  After the issues in Devils Lake the last time out, we sent off both of my magnetos to get rebuilt.  That solved the issues with my car as it ran strong both days.  On Wednesday, I timed in 8th fastest and Kevin 9th.  I made the heat race inversion and would start on the pole of heat 2.  I would go on to finish 3rd.  Kevin started 5th in heat 1 and would finish there.  We then moved into a 3rd heat race for all the non dash qualifiers from the first 2 heats.  Kevin would finish 4th and I finished 5th.  In the 30 lap A main, I would start 8th and Kevin 9th.  At the start, the groove was at the bottom of the track.  Halfway through, Kevin went to the cushion and found some grip up there and passed me.  I moved up to follow him, but dropped my right rear off the front straight and couldn’t get it gathered back in by the time I got to turn one and spun out.  There wasn’t anyone else involved and I restarted at the back.  Once we got going again, we ran the rest of the feature under green and Kevin would finish 8th and I 9th.  On Thursday, I would time in 9th and Kevin 10th.  I started 5th in heat 1 and would finish there.  Kevin started 5th in heat 2 and would finish there as well.  The weather started to cloud over, so the program was sped up to try and finish before the rain.  In the 30 lap A main, I would start 9th and Kevin 10th.  The fast line was on the bottom and we ran there the entire race.  There was a quick caution 3 laps in, after that the feature ran green to checkerd.  I came home 9th and Kevin 10th.  The races ended just in time as the rained poured down 15 minutes later.  I was finally able to string together consecutive nights of racing with no issues.  That was the main goal.  We now move back to River Cities Speedway this Friday night for a regular night of NOSA racing.

Lawson Racing set to appear in the 2014 ND State Fair Parade

Once again, Lawson Racing is set to appear in the North Dakota State Fair Parade, this Saturday, July 19th.  We are number 192.  Matt Evans with Prairie Ford in Stanley with have a brand new Ford truck pulling us.  We will also be debuting our freshly wrapped sprint car parade kart.  The wrap was done by Jen and Tad of Too Dark  They did an excellent job on it!!  Give us a wave for some candy or an autographed racer card.


Bad Luck continues for the 20L

As the old saying goes, if you didn’t have bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all.  That pretty much sums up my season.  After getting the left front wheel tore off during the first race of the season, then getting involved in a wreck and flipping my car that last time out, I was hoping for better luck on Saturday night.  It was our first time out since repairing my car.  Well, the night followed right along with the rest of the season.  A brief rain shower delayed the start of the night, but it passed quickly and the night continued on.  Kevin was in the 2nd heat race.  He started 4th and finished 7th.  I was in the 3rd heat.  As we came out of turn 4 for the green, I hit the throttle and the car began misfiring.  I limped it back to the pits.  After checking it out, it was determined that the magneto wasn’t holding the timing correctly.  We swapped it out with the spare.  We started the car to set the spare magneto when it began making a grinding noise.  We pulled that one out and put the other one back in.  Kevin started 19th in the feature and I started 20th.  We took the green and my car ran great all the way to turn 1 and quit in turn 2.  I coasted into the infield and my night was over.  Kevin would go on to finish 18th.  The feature ran mostly green to checker after a few quick cautions.  Very disappointing that we are still battling bad luck this season.  Hopefully it all turns around next week as we are racing with the All Star Circuit of Champions at the Williston Basin Speedway, July 23rd and 24th.

Lawson Racing returns to action this Saturday night at Devils Lake Speedway

After an extended break repairing the car and motor from my crash in Devils Lake at the end of May, we will be back in action this Saturday night at Devils Lake Speedway.  We are excited to get back to the track after a long month that saw us have to send the motor back in for repair and also had to fix some minor frame damage.  All of that is now behind us, so time to go racing!!  After Devils Lake, Lawson Racing will be in the North Dakota State Fair Parade on July 19th, then 2 big nights of racing at the Williston Basin Speedway, July 23rd and 24th, with the All Star Circuit of Champions.